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Dunya Djordjevic on Advocating for Yourself as a Female Filmmaker

Dunya Djordjevic is an LA based filmmaker whose passion for storytelling spans post film and theatre. Throughout her life she’s worked on what it means to advocate for your stories as a female filmmaker and uplift the voices of others as well. She’s directed multiple features and is also the lead for Camp Reel Stories- LA chapter.

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The Intersection of Activism and Art with Leila Jarman of Women’s Voices Now

Leila Jarman is an accomplished filmmaker and the creative director of Women’s Voices Now. She has been featured in outlets such as VICE, Afropunk, MTV, The Creator’s Project, and more. Her work focuses on the human body and dimensions of time, space, and reality. But at the center of everything, she focuses on women’s rights. Leila also is the current creative director of Women’s Voices Now, a nonprofit that advocates for women’s rights through film. Via an international online film festival, workshops, advocacy events, and the organization works to educate and support women, truly showing the power of arts intersecting with activism.

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Screen Queens: the Blog Rewriting the Male Gaze

Screen Queens is the brainchild of 21 year old, Chloe Leeson. It’s a site meant to hold a space for feminist film criticism, women centric works, and reviews by women and LGBTQ youth. Hailing from the north of England she is a recent grad who studied Costume Interpretation with Design in between founding and acting as Screen Queens’ Editor in Chief. What we love most about Screen Queens is that much like our own site, it’s geared towards all level filmmaker with an emphasis on the youth voice.

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