Support women and GNC filmmakers by donating to The Light Leaks. The Light Leaks is run by one individual, a 23 year old filmmaker (hi, it's me). From Feb 2017- May 2018, The Light Leaks ran as an out of pocket passion project. But as time went on, I decided the most financially responsible thing I could do was make it an LLC. This means that any revenue made from the website goes directly back into the website.

What are TLL's costs? Paying: illustrators, writers, website domain and hosting costs, event space rental, quickbooks for business, business bank account, yearly state tax forms

The Light Leaks is purely to inspire, educate, and support women and GNC filmmakers, to do that well- money is a necessity. If you have anything to spare, consider donating via our Paypal link via the button below (it will not be tax deductible, as we are not a non-profit). If you'd like to invest further in the future of inclusive media- consider donating monthly to our Patreon account where you can receive consistent updates, rewards for donating, and more!

Kim Hoyos, The Light Leaks Founder