What is the story behind the name?
Light leaks in film photography occur when the film is prematurely exposed to light- they are usually seen as bright mistakes in a photo that disrupt the image. Light leaks are now accepted as a trendy stylistic choice in photography, now with digital filters recreating them on apps. Woman and gender non conforming filmmakers are the bright, beautiful, and disruptive voices in the film industry. But they are not mistakes- they create a more inclusive media landscape.

Who designed the branding?
The incredible Lindsey Meyer! Check out her work here.

Why is the site for woman/gender non conforming filmmakers only?
As a woman filmmaker herself, our founder Kim Hoyos, saw the need for a space to highlight woman created film work. There are so many film criticism websites, creative zines, and collectives dedicated towards the film industry as a whole or simply art. But, in these spaces women and especially gender non conforming individuals are not allowed the same opportunities to flourish- because oftentimes online publications space out interviews with women in film, post women created art when it's awards season, and oftentimes ignore gender non conforming filmmakers altogether. With a dedicated space for women and gender non conforming filmmakers, we are able to help the most marginalized voices gain inspiration from fellow creators, cultivate an audience, and experience specialized opportunities. 

What has The Light Leaks accomplished?
We’ve been able to accomplish so much since being founded in February 2017.
Here’s a quick rundown:
– We’ve published over 13 interviews with woman and GNC filmmakers
– We’ve published over 20 think pieces written by woman and GNC filmmakers
– Our pieces have been republished by BUST Magazine and Issa Rae Productions
– Some really incredible sites have published pieces about us
– We’ve served as a promo sponsor for the Athena Film Festival
– We’ve hosted editing sessions on university campuses
– and so much more!

How can I help the site?
Donating to the site. Spreading the word via social media or word of mouth. Coming to events. Sharing articles. 

Can Kim speak at my event?
You can reach Kim for speaking engagements at kim@thelightleaks.com Here's some of the past events she's spoken at.

How do I submit something for the site?
Use our Google Form! We’re always looking to highlight women and GNC filmmakers. Here's how we can help: social media boost, spotlight on our site, an interview, social media takeovers, and more! We are also always accepting pitches on identity, representation, and the intersections of those in film. If you'd like to be considered for any of the above, please use the linked form above.

Do you accept partnerships?
We believe one of the best ways to uplift the voices of woman and GNC filmmakers is by collaborating with other sites. By collaborating with other sites The Light Leaks opens up the realms of possibilities for our contributor content to gain more exposure. If you would like your site or collective to be a partner of the Light Leaks please send an email to kim@TheLightLeaks.com.


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