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Crystal Correa: the Filmmaker Building a Career on Her Terms

Crystal Correa is the brain behind the critically acclaimed series “Crystal the Web Series” as well as founder of C+ Media Productions. Her creativity spans painting, hair dressing, and computer science- her desire for creativity is insatiable. With recognition from HollyShorts, LAL FemFest, and acceptance into HBO’s NYLFF, Crystal Correa has found a way to be a filmmaker on HER terms.

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The Motherlode: a Web Series about Creativity, Grieving, and Being a Mom

Theresa Gambacorta is an NYC based actress, writer, and director with “the Motherlode” currently in production. Centering around some of her own experiences as a mother, the web series is about the obstacles that come with being both a creator and a mother. Growth seems to be something that many perceive stops in your teens or 20s- however, through this cast of actresses 35+ plus we dive into the messy, tragic, hilarious, touching, and real life scenarios that have no age.

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‘Or Die Trying’: the Millennial Webseries Changing the Industry

Or Die Trying is truly the answer to our binge watch dreams. We don’t know about you, but a series about women in film, by women in film, with WOC is our wildest dream. ODT answers that dream so much so that it’s been featured as IndieWire’s Project of the week and has been one of our first choices for an interview since before the The Light Leaks was born. We spoke to the creators of what’ll be the hottest series of the summer.

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