About the Light leaks

The Light Leaks is an editorial website and LLC created for the support, empowerment, and education of women and GNC filmmakers. Founded in 2017, it's expanded from its initial editorial roots to now include offline events for filmmakers, promotional partnerships for film festivals/female fronted film companies, and more.


Our purpose:

The mainstream film industry is run by straight, upper class, white males- it’s been studied and proven over and over again. Changing the landscape of media is so important because the film industry is not the price of a ticket, but the price of contributing to a system that does not do a majority of our society justice in regards to representation. The media we consume teaches us about each other and ourselves without diversity and accurate portrayals of representation we're left with stereotypes.


Our goals:

  • Being a source of the latest trends in the industry

  • Facilitating honest conversations through offline events

  • Creating chances to connect with other creators

  • Providing opportunities to have work highlighted

  • Giving inspiration and advice via all platforms


Our Team:


Kim Hoyos- Founder

Kim Hoyos is a filmmaker, Latina, and founder of The Light Leaks. She is an internet obsessed person who began The Light Leaks with the hope of creating a space of education and empowerment for marginalized voices because she believes in the power of diversity. Kim oversees, creates and manages all aspects of The Light Leaks (digital strategy, editorial, content creation, design, ecommerce, events, PR, + more)

She’s directed, written, and edited various short films, documentaries, and other online content. Because of her work in female and minority driven media, she has been featured as one of “Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls”. Her biggest dreams include starting her own production company and having a continued career in tv and film writing. You can reach her at kim@thelightleaks.com and learn more about her at her website.

Iayana elie- Summer 2019 intern

Iayana is a creative with an eye for artistic direction, and strategy. She has experience in directing, producing, styling, and branding. She is currently studying at Parsons School of Design for Strategic Design and Management.

Marissa Domantay- summer 2019 intern

Marissa is a freelance and comic illustrator and activist. She is currently a senior art major and math minor at Connecticut College. She wants to use her skills in storytelling, specifically those relating to her own experiences as a Filipina and first-generation college student.


Our press

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