6 Ways To Get Ahead In Your Career

By: Steffany Ramirez

1) Don’t Hesitate

There have been countless times I’ve been the one to hinder my own success because I waited for the “right moment”- there is no such thing. When all plans fail, it’s crucial to create something out of nothing. If you allow yourself to be open to the experience without feeling married to the outcome, you’d be surprised by what you end up creating. It’s hard to feel unproductive or self-negligent when you take initiative in your ventures. We set ourselves up for failure when we give in to our inner anxieties and doubts, take the first leap and reap your successes.

2) Impose Limits

Sounds counterproductive, right? One would assume that imposing limits on their work would make for a strenuous process-quite the opposite was the case for me. We are bombarded with such an array of options in this world that it can become overwhelming to make decisions-do not fret. Give yourself an impediment, be it time, objects, location, etc., and you’ll find yourself excelling within those barriers in no time.

For example, a friend and I decided to shoot a bunch of random videos around the house for half an hour and then afterward, I created a story during the editing process without any preconceived ideas.

The finished video:

Here’s an interesting TEDtalk about how imposing limits increases creativity.


3) Be Flexible.

When it comes down to it, adaptability is key to survival, growth and a natural process humans are equipped to take on. Make your project work, whether you have a budget or not. I in no way condone you take on every task on your own, but don’t wait on others to make it happen for you, even if that means some on-camera time. Circumstances may be less than ideal at times, so be prepared to strategically find a way to make it work. Go with the flow.


4) Network, Network, Network.

Send that email, that text, that promo, what’s the worst that could happen? Surround yourself with peers that have more experience than you and ask to help or even observe them in the zone. Allow yourself to be taken under wing by someone who knows what they’re talking about. Nine times out of ten you’ll learn something valuable watching someone else take on their project. If I hadn’t reached out to Kim Hoyos, creator of The Light Leaks, there’s no way I would’ve been published on this magical, empowering platform. Sometimes the smallest gestures lead you to job opportunities, recognition, and friendships. There’s room for every femme to have a seat at the table, who will you bring along next?

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.37.12 PM.png


5) Never Stop Learning.

If you are a woman seeking work in a male-dominated field, you have to be on top of your s**** if you want to be taken seriously. You are honoring your life purpose by pursuing your passion, be brave enough to pursue it to the fullest potential. There are trends on the rise and new skills to learn that don’t necessarily have to derive from a degree. Knowledge is acquired by those who seek it. We have unlimited resources available to us online such as podcasts, YouTube, and blogs, etc. You learn best by practicing and becoming comfortable with your equipment-I recommend you begin there.

Screen Shot 2018-06-30 at 2.37.30 PM.png


6) Be (YOU)Rself

Your authentic-self invites a surplus of genuine interactions and peers into your life. Be true to your boundaries, beliefs, and standards. Never compromise your integrity when something feels off and advocate for yourself and others when necessary. Nobody will advocate for you as much as you will, so make sure to speak up, even when you’re terrified of the complications it may bring. Protect your fellow femme’s in the workplace during these trying times of misogyny, sexual harassment and the industry’s attempts at silencing the vulnerable.

header image: photo by Arnel Hasanovic on Unsplash

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Steffany Ramirez is a college student from the Bay Area double-majoring in communications and film production. She harbors a strong passion for dark humor, decorative tarot decks, and hot cheetos. She’s worked as a camera operator, creative consultant & emergency fill-in actress for the local television station in Hayward, CA. You can stay in the loop with her current projects Instagram.