The Light Leaks exists to spotlight GNC and women filmmakers, let us highlight your work!

So You Want To Write for The Light Leaks...
The Light Leaks accepts pitches on a rolling basis. The kinds of pieces we like to publish include reviews of films, feminist analysis, genre pieces, and on-set hacks. Piece must deal with the the intersection of film/tv and identity (ie: race, gender identity, sexual orientation, class etc) and fit with the overall tone of The Light Leaks. If you’re unsure whether your idea qualifies, please check out our about page and our previous editorial content to get a better sense of who we are as a company.

Send all pitches to Please note that we only accept pitches from people who are otherwise involved in the film industry (i.e. writers, producers, directors, cinematographers, editors, critics etc.). In your pitch please confirm that you are pitching this piece exclusively to The Light Leaks. Once a pitch is accepted, the writer will work with the TLL team on a proper timeline for the first draft, edits, and publication. Exact payment will be determined by length of piece and paid within 30 days of publish via Paypal.

A Quick Note On How To Pitch...

To use a particularly apt analogy, if your article draft is a movie your pitch should be like a really good movie trailer. It should tease what the article is about without telling the reader the whole story. Most importantly it should make the reader want to read your full article. Below I’ve included a couple key things to think about before you sit down to write your pitch:

  • Subject. Especially if you are writing a review or analysis of a work of art be sure to have a take, or, in other words, a specific perspective on the subject you’re tackling. State your take succinctly in your pitch. Saying ‘I want to write about Gossip Girl’ doesn’t really convey the direction your piece is going in. But including a sentence like ‘I want to critique the way Gossip Girl deals with class by looking at the portrayal of the Humphrey family’ is much more direct and attention grabbing.

  • Tone. Going off of the movie trailer metaphor, a reader should be able to understand what genre your piece is from the pitch. Is your article going to be a serious think piece? A lighthearted essay? A straightforward tutorial? The tone of your pitch should communicate or even match the tone of your piece

  • Importance: Try to connect the idea of your piece to a larger issue, debate, trend etc. or explain why your piece addresses a gap in coverage/representation. This will emphasize to your reader why your piece matters and give it a sense of urgency.

  • BONUS: Experience. This isn’t always necessary, but if you’re writing about a culture or topic that you have a specific connection to or extensive experience with please share those details in your pitch! Editors want to know what a writer can bring to a specific story.

Finally, it must be said that pitching is an art not a science. And while knowing how to pitch can greatly improve your odds of getting published, it’s no guarantee. Sometimes publications will reject your pitch for reasons that have nothing to do with how good it is. Maybe their editorial calendar was full, they couldn’t afford to pay you, or they just accepted a piece similar to the one you pitched. Every pitch is a small gamble. There’s no telling which way the dice will roll, and that’s true for everyone. But whatever the result don’t give up! We believe in you!

So You Want Us To Feature Your Film…..
TLL regularly highlights the work of female-identifying and GNC filmmakers through our Spotlight Video series. To be considered for the series, a filmmaker must submit a link to their finished piece, through our online form below. If a piece is accepted, it will be featured on TLL’s YouTube channel and as a post on our website alongside a Q&A with the filmmaker.

In both cases, copyright remains with the creator, and as with all content on The Light Leaks, it must be submitted by a female or non gender conforming filmmaker. Our team does their best to respond to all submissions/pitches. We thank you in advance for your patience! If you have any questions feel free to email