Our Partner Sites

We believe one of the best ways to uplift the voices of woman and GNC filmmakers is by collaborating with other sites. Collaboration forms community that allows for a beneficial relationship for all of those involved. By collaborating with other sites The Light Leaks opens up the realms of possibilities for our contributor content to gain more exposure. Our mission is to highlight, support, and empower woman and GNC filmmakers and these partner sites help us accomplish that.

If you would like your site or collective to be a partner of the Light Leaks please send an email to kim@TheLightLeaks.com

Screen Queens is a blog created and written by young women and members of the LGBT community. It a safe space to critically discuss film & TV with a strong focus on the exposure of women-centric and women-made films.

Brooklyn Women's Film Festival® (BWFF) showcases and celebrates the work of female filmmakers.

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Pretty Thing Studios is a female-driven production company and branding agency, in Los Angeles, CA.

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Obvi is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We believe that empathy, intersectionality, positivity, and hard work can make the world a better place. Storytelling is the backbone of all Obvi projects. We aim to provide women with the skills and resources to feel comfortable sharing their stories on a personal level and enable them to shout their stories from the rooftops by providing a safe, accessible platform.

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Cinema Femme is a media platform that voices the female film experience. We support and highlight diverse representation in film, so that ultimately more female-focused films can get the attention they deserve. Our magazine, which is the heart of Cinema Femme, voices the female film experience through personal essays and interviews, accompanied by illustration and design.

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Reel Honey is an online film and pop culture magazine that aims to move the needle for young women and non-binary folks in professional culture writing. We aim to provide a space for aspiring and emerging writers to find their written voices and strengthen their capacity for cultural criticism.

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Women’s Voices Now (WVN), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, uses the medium of film to advocate for global women’s rights. We carry out our mission with our annual online film festival, a free streaming archive of international women’s rights based films, educational programs, screening events, and workshops.


Imagine This Productions

Imagine This Productions is dedicated to providing aspiring women storytellers and filmmakers a space to encourage and develop creative projects by women. ITP’s goal is to support women by sharing their work with the public, promoting equal opportunities, encouraging professional development, and serving as a resource informative network.

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Women Under the Influence is a community passionate about female directed cinema. By sharing the stories of female-driven film through events and media, we challenge the misconceptions of the film world and push back against the industry’s bias.

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SVLLY(wood) is a biannual multi-media experimental print and digital magazine, geared toward building a new cinephilia through diverse themes and leftist ideology. SVLLY translates to the socialist vérité underpinnings of a new style of film writing, where we encourage and harness the talents of a growing international team of contributors and young readers to explore the past, present, and future of the moving image.