Feminist Camp: Recap

Our founder, Kim Hoyos, spoke to a group from Feminist Camp about her film work, starting the Light Leaks, and actionable steps creatives can take to have the career they want. Feminist Camp is a 3-day experience hosted in different cities meant to bring young people together to learn how they can take their activism work into the “real world” via a ton of career exposure, volunteering, and more. In her presentation, which took place at Girls Write Now NYC, she was able to fully explain how she started freelancing, interning, and creating a company all while still in university. It was an informative presentation that led to inspiring dialogue with the students.

Young people are so swayed by doubts, insecurities, and the barriers imposed by lack of career exposure- by speaking at student based events like these, she’s able to spread a little more of her story to hopefully inspire someone else to follow their dreams.

“Groups like these are my favorite to speak to because the presentation soon transforms into honest dialogue about life and creativity. It’s awesome to talk to people in my age set about the ways they can find what they love and apply it to their careers! “ - Kim

Thank you so much to Soapbox Inc for hosting us! If you’d like to book Kim to speak to your classroom or other event send an email to kim@thelightleaks.com.