iMovie for Beginners: Recap

On November 17th, we hosted our second event: an entry-level workshop class to teach iMovie! It took place at Rutgers University (where our founder, Kim is a student) and was sponsored by the university’s Gender and Media Minor.

The event was open to all RU students regardless of gender identity, age, major, or experience level. 80% of the students who attended were POC and 70% of the attendees identified as women! They learned the ins and outs of iMovie by being guided through the editing of a 30 second short film scene. They also learned importing, keyboard commands, how to add music, titles, transitions, color correcting, and some other quick editing tricks.

We held this event because of the classist and oftentimes sexist restrictions in the film industry- specifically in editing. Editing depends on what equipment you’re able to afford, if the environment you grow up in supports your use of technology, and IF you even have accessible resources. Each attendee left with a sheet detailing RU specific resources for video production and editing, information about the Light Leaks, and an excerpt from our crash course in editing post.

This event was really fun specifically because we were able to better connect with the community that follows us, provide concrete skills, and facilitate a conversation of gender and media. We hope to do many more workshops in the future!

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