Lens Flare: Recap

On Thursday August 24th we hosted our first event!! It was a film showcase at New Women Space in Brooklyn, NYC. There were 10 films shown- a collection of identity pieces ranging from a music video, a documentary about growing up, and a short film about coming to terms with LGBTQ identity. There were also 2 readings, pieces that have been published before on The Light Leaks.

Identity was the main thread of the night. All pieces were curated because of their significance to the growth of the artist in their journey in creation. This event is something that I’ve been dreaming up for months now. The Light Leaks was created in order to provide a community. Since February 2017, we’ve been doing just that but it’s all been online. Bringing that to life for Lens Flare was beautiful.

The atmosphere that night was something special. It was tangible.

The artists brought their friends who brought their friends who brought their friends. There were over 110 attendees. With that many young people in one space at one time, united in arts, together to celebrate creation- packed into a space– that energy is magic.

Thank you for coming and thank you for supporting. I wanted to make this a place to connect and grow and see other work. But I never thought it would be this. It gives me hope and I know those who attended felt that too. In the past year, the current US political system has made me doubt goodness. It’s made me doubt kindness. It’s made me doubt the importance of connecting, growing, or art. But Thursday, I saw so many people crammed into a room just to see art. Just to see videos of their friends and of people they didn’t know. I think that’s the anecdote. I think change is in fostering relationships, educating others on issues they haven’t been exposed to, and truly, fighting with your identity.

The Light Leaks is for female and GNC filmmakers who create, not in spite of their identities, but because of it. I think that can change the world.

Thank you endlessly,

Kim Hoyos, Founder of the Light Leaks


Here’s the list of filmmakers who showed work:
Valerie Brooks
Sidney Butler
Brygida Dabek
Pilar Duralde
Alice Liu
Charlotte Manning
Dana Nunez
Nanichi Oliva
Funkuin Sam
Casey Schoch
Queer Kid Stuff
Lauren Tepfer

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