Crashcourse: Basic Editing Tutorials

By: Kim Hoyos


Editing is a very useful skill to have. Whether you intend to go into editing as a career, are trying to spice up your resume with a new skill, or simply want to edit killer Instagram videos (I edit videos for IG very, very often) editing is awesome.

I feel that editing can so easily be a classist or sexist region in film because of the costs of software and maintenance fees and the stereotypes of women not being tech savvy. Because of financial circumstances, someone can easily be placed at a disadvantage completely out of their hands. Environment plays into confidence as well-  I’ve personally witnessed a lot of women lose confidence in their editing ability due to patriarchal influence. So my message today is if you have at your disposal the resources to learn editing, learn it. Buy the programs and figure out how to create the work you want to.

Options for circumventing financial insecurity: seek out your local public library’s multimedia resources, look to your community centers for guidance, and browse your local public high school’s night programs for multimedia editing and photography, or try to find an older download or trial download for free online!

Below I’ve put together a list of videos (all by female creators except for the Adobe Premiere tutorials- I couldn’t find any ladies doing that one) that should help you get a basic understanding of some programs. If you’ve seen any online you’d want us to add, let us know!

Photo by  NeONBRAND  on  Unsplash

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash



Windows Movie Maker

This tutorial shows: importing, setting in/out points, transitions, effects, adding titles

This tutorial shows: overlays, faking green screen titles in powerpoint (genius!!)

This tutorial shows: transitions, basic editing tools, narration



This tutorial shows: importing, quick edit tools, changing speed clips, adding effects


Want something longer? Here's some other video tutorials!


Final Cut Pro


This tutorial shows: importing footage, creating intros, light graphics


This tutorial shows: some post production camera techniques, editing tips with keyboard commands

This tutorial shows: more in depth color correction


Adobe Premiere Pro

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any women doing tutorials on Adobe Premiere. Maybe the next one will be you?

This tutorial shows: basic premiere terminology, importing, titles, editing, keyboard commands


This tutorial shows: scaling, editing, sequences, keyframes, titles


This tutorial shows: how to use premiere specific editing tools

Smartphone Editing

Recording off of your phone is an AWESOME way to start getting into film and we highly recommend it. Any way you make your art, is an awesome way to develop yourself as a creator. With your phone always handy- why not make a film?